This Teacher Proves That Perseverance Trumps Every Difficulty

Richard Appiah Akoto, a computer science teacher in the town of Sekeydomase, had to apply his creativity and relentless desire to educate the minds of young children. Faced with budget cuts, his school, the Butanes M-A Junior High School, did not have a single working computer for him to demonstrate. Undeterred, he precisely drew and designed the entire Microsoft Word Template on a blackboard, teaching this basic computer programme to his students.

When this image and story went viral on social media, the Ghana division of the Indian company NIIT donated five computers, a laptop and books to his school.

“We saw the news going viral on Facebook and other social media platforms. We were so touched by the teacher’s dedication to his students that we decided to support the school with the best we could do as an IT training organisation,” said Ashish Kumar, the NIIT Centre manager in Accra to the Hindustan Times.

He also added that this donation was a part of NIIT Ghana’s CSR programme.

From his story being aired on social media, the effects of Richard’s image and story on Facebook continues to roll in with other donors giving away computers and other necessary material to Richard’s school. Microsoft Africa has taken things a step further and flown Richard to Singapore for the annual Microsoft Educators Exchange.

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