#VentureLikeAGirl – An Eco Tour Celebrating Women Liberation

Through Hiking India’s new campaign #VentureLikeAGirl, women will be challenged on a daunting 4-day escapade into the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, to re-ignite their courage and find pride in the feminine identity.

Hiking India will be providing:

  • Equipment such as gear library
  • Safe local homestay
  • Camping with nutritious local food and snacks
  • Transportation to and from New Delhi airport

This unique all girl’s adventure trip that will make women from all walks of life come together in a motivating show of strength and fearlessness. This trip will push women to the very edge of excitement and quench the thirst of young, empowered and confident women that want to stray from the notion of being the weaker sex.

A great new way to encourage women to participate and become ambassadors of the new wave of resilient women and show the world how to #VentureLikAGirl!

Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WelcomEToHikinGIndiA/

Fee: 7,500 INR

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