Thane Event Managers Love The Byke Suraj Plaza


Flexibility is the key to any successful event. The ability to modify, alter and transform your decisions towards a successful conclusion.

In the event industry, being stubborn or particular about any aspect of your event, other than the fact that it must go on is a doomed endeavour. Change transport, replace staff, make an adjustment to the stage are all regular headaches in the event business and you got to know how to make it work. The successful event managers keep their plans absurdly simple, so that in the blink of an eye, changing it won’t be extremely testing.


At the Byke Suraj Plaza, keeping things simple, while efficient is the modus operandi. With different banquet rooms with varying styles and capacities, numerous events are conducted every week at The Byke. The hotel is regularly privy to grand personal ceremonies, like Weddings to brisk, corporate board meetings.

Offering related amenities like their comfortable economic accommodation, travel desk and even a relaxing Spa, enterprises and individuals converge on the Byke Suraj Plaza for a rejuvenating and energising event.  

With capacities ranging from a group of 10 to a mass of 700, The Byke Suraj Plaza has different venues depending upon each event’s particular requirements. Sumptuous Vegetarian cuisine (including the famed Byke Thali) is specified and served at strategically decided points of time in order to keep the event-goers both well fed and lively for a successful event. The banquet packages begin at a thrifty Rs. 800 (+ Taxes) per head with variables such as timings, dates and requirements deciding the event manager’s final outlay.

If you’d be interested in working on an event with The Byke Suraj Plaza, give them a call on +91 22 25971111 / 25971234 / +91 7045669619 or visit their website at



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