Nurture your untapped creativity

Nurturing your creativity and boosting your intuitive awareness are essential to living a creative life. When you give yourself the right internal tools and external environment in which to flourish creatively, you will see the difference in your creative practice and its effect in every area of your life. When Google began its famous 20% rule (employees could spend 20% of their time exploring creative, passionate side projects), the result was a more productive, more creative 80%. Side projects boosted work performance.

In our daily hectic life of work, family and home, we end up spending most of our time in the rat race. It is extremely essential that we give a break to this hectic life and do something creative or follow our passion/hobby. It is keeping this in mind that a group called Manorang has evolved in Thane.

Manorang is rapidly finding its place in Thane as a Hindi theatre group that produces plays with a mass connect. Established in June 2016, the group has already staged four theatre productions in Thane viz. Complex, Choice, Change & CHS with a total of seven shows and has worked with over 100 artists in a span of one year.

Manorang is platform for theatre lovers who dream of  being on stage along with other commitments in life. The team has been imparting theatre training through its weekend workshops. The workshops are designed to help individuals from various backgrounds to find their artistic expression and pursue their passion for theatre. And all of this alongside your regular work and life.

The group is also taking frequent initiatives to bring cheers to the faces of underprivileged kids by conducting special workshops at NGOs like Udaan Foundation, Thane.

So all those who are interested in nurturing their inner creativity through acting, get in touch with these guys  –


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