Why Do People Start School Franchises?

For those looking for a rewarding career, a desire to educate children and build a real business, the franchise model is a godsend.

The Preschool Industry in India is a potentially untapped mine and the feeling of building the minds of the next generation appeals to many. By 2017, the Indian Preschool Industry will be worth a mammoth $3.2 Billion and with an expected annual growth rate of 27%. Only 22% of the total target audience attend the organised preschool sector while the vast majority still retain traditional or informal preschool education. The vast numbers of the Indian population indicate that there is still a highly untapped market.
The possibilities afforded by small to medium sized investments open the field of investors and franchisees to a number of families. Limited regulations and minimal infrastructural requirements permit numerous individuals to consider preschools as a sustainable business. The advancements made in this sector offer an organized, conceptually strong brand for regular people to build a successful business. Preschools today offer specialised and unique curriculums, with parents and individuals attracted to their strategy based on it’s strengths.

Franchises are immediately recognisable to the public and is less risk intensive. Possessing the know-how and nuances of setting up a preschool, mistakes are avoided, systems are implemented and support systems are established. Questions are answered not by costly experience but by learning from the franchise’s history. Individual Independence is maintained though with a strict diligence to established standards and quality of education.

As Education is always required, it’s a business which isn’t impacted by drastic market changes. Franchises continue to strive off the brand work maintained by all franchisees and in working together, they establish a support system with open and rapid communication. The investment required to break into this industry isn’t vastly intensive or exorbitant.

For example, Rainbow Preschools, one of India’s premier Preschool chains, has over 20 franchisees across the country in less than 10 years. One of the Brands main strengths is it’s extensive support and collaboration with establishing franchises. They train manpower, implement the educational curriculum, market and promote on the franchises behalf while ensuring the school’s wards have their essential toys and school equipment.

To further demonstrate how simple and possible it is for many families, look at the considerate, though not extravagant requirements. To be a franchisee partner of RAINBOW Pre-school International Ltd, the requirements aren’t strenuous. One needs to have:

  1. A professional academic achievement.
  2. Financial ability to invest between INR 15 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs.
  3. Preferably a ground floor space either leased or owned with a minimum area of 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft with additional and separate outdoor space.

If you’ve got a way with children, enjoy the idea of educating and mentoring young minds, then ponder over it. With an eye on the future, shape the young thoughts of tomorrow and build a sustainable business with the help of a prestigious market leader. It may be the perfect combination for you.


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