What Is The Blue Whale Challenge? A 6 Point Explanation!

After another two children nearly die thanks to the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ trending across the world, know about this sadistic online killer.

Recent events demonstrate the prevalent dangers of such a multi-connected society. Just as it’s simple to spread awareness and information across the world, it is equally effortless to spread thought of a more malicious intent.

The Blue Whale Challenge, originated in Russia is a psychological manipulation of it’s victims, leading them to believe that they have no other purpose on Earth than to die. The participants complete a checklist of tasks to be completed in 50 days, the last being death by suicide. Here are 6 things you need to know.

  1. Last month a 9th standard student in Mumbai jumped to death, apparently because of the Blue Whale game. A 7th standard student in MP jumped off a third floor this week.
  2. The Blue Whale challenge is not a video game or anything playable. It is a set of instructions, made viral with social media. The instructions involve disturbing and mind-altering experiences, including self-mutilation, waking up at odd hours and scaling unsafe heights.
  3. The challenge is to get through a series of tasks which weed out the most determined or suicidal from the merely curious. The initial tasks are simple or weird, with the effect that many people simply leave. Those who stayed are given harder tasks, such as self-mutilation, animal cruelty and walking on rooftops. Video or photographic evidence is required to complete these stages. Those who elect to continue past this stage are eventually led towards pages on suicide.
  4. Social media savvy teens have discovered this challenge from different hashtags on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  5. The challenge was created by Philipp Budeikin, a 22-year-old Russian, who directly handed out instructions to some children. In an interview this year, he said he made the game to “clean society,” as people who participated in it were “biological waste.” He has been jailed for three years. It remains unclear who are the current administrators now, and how many of them exist.
  6. It gets its name from beached whales, that get stranded and die. The idea of beached whales is that they voluntarily wash up on shore to die, thus in effect, committing suicide. Reports of deaths linked to the Blue Whale game go back to 2015, and originated in Russia..
Philipp Budeikin at his arrest

Since 2015, the game has spread across the world, with over 100 deaths being reported in Brazil, Argentina, The United States, Serbia, Saudi Arabia and more.

One girl (unnamed), who entered the game and left it before it’s conclusive challenges, recalled ‘

I received an invitation to join a closed group, a night time chat when you had to be up 04.20 every night, night after night, with ever accumulating tiredness and decreased ability to make clear decisions, in fact, any decisions at all.’

She said: ‘It was middle of a night, my alarm rang, I woke up and got straight to my phone.

‘I had to watch videos with pictures flicking every two seconds of teenagers jumping off roofs, close ups of bodies, bloodied mouths, pools of blood under bodies.

‘It was accompanied by very unpleasant, haunting music with screams of animals and pets, and cries like children were being tortured.

‘I felt so awful after watching them I wanted to do something physical to either myself or somebody, to kill, to destroy.’

If she wrote saying she wanted to leave, she received abuse and threats from the administrator.

‘He shamed me for being weak, and not feeling bad enough about my life. 

Responding to concerns raised in the assembly, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said he would ask the centre for help. His Kerala counterpart Pinarayi Vijayan said the same after a Kerala CPM lawmaker, Raju Abraham, said there have been 2,000 downloads of the game in the state

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