Unleash The Inner Artistic Glutton

Calling all gluttons! You know, you social media gluttons, who Instagram and Facebook every meal you eat!

The Byke Suraj Plaza would love to encourage the inner artist in all of us as we gear up for a Food Photography Competition. With famed food and lifestyle blogger, Amruta Karnik as their judge, food photographers and amateur bloggers are all invited to participate in this quest for the best image of food the contestants can come up with.

Keeping the submissions within one genre, the Byke Suraj Plaza have defined the types of dishes to being vegetarian only. Numerous prizes are at stake for the winners, along with the boost of being chosen by a prestigious food and lifestyle blogger.

So, if you’re one of those folks who loves creatively arranging a plate of food, send over your entries to the Byke Suraj Plaza by the 16th of August and stand a chance to win some great prizes!

So give them your best angles of some appetising culinary creations and show them how you’re able to reimagine the food with your mobile/camera. Last date for submissions are on August 16th.

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