Today’s Google Doodle Is a Trip Through Musical History

Ever wanted to know the origin of hip-hop? Maybe play a little of the first ever beats which created a genre of music? For another 3 hours, Google has something insane for you.

One of everybody’s favourite pastimes, Google Doodle has upped it’s game considerably. Today is a famous day in the history of the musical arts as it celebrates the birth of hip hop 44 years ago.

Clicking today’s Google Doodle you are taken to an interactive player that allows you to choose records, fade and select the pace of the beat. You can even ‘scratch’.

The story goes that Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc was the first DJ who ever extended the break beat of a song by using two records, which in turn allowed dancers to move for longer and MC’s to rap over the music. Thus began Hip Hop.


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