Pet Parenting 101 : Take Care Of Your Pets During Monsoons

Pet Parenting 101 : Take Care Of Your Pets During Monsoons

Written by Dr. Arundhati Nair (Veterinarian)
And special thanks to Aditi Nair

1) Is there any special care required for your dogs during monsoons?

It is best to walk your pets during the drier or sunny parts of the day. Avoid walking them when it is raining. If you have to walk them during the rain, make sure to use proper protection for them such as raincoats and umbrellas. While some dogs do enjoy swimming and being in water, it is not wise to get your pet drenched in the rain everyday during walks.
Once you are back from the walk, make sure to wipe their body dry with cloth, especially the paws and the area between the digits of their paws. Moisture leads to conditions favourable for fungal infections. Keeping your pet dry is key during monsoon. Also make sure to not walk them during thunder and lightning as this scares them tremendously. Some dogs might run away due to the loud sound and it might become difficult to find them.

2) Suggest an ideal diet for dogs during monsoons. Anything to avoid?

Normal diet can be followed during monsoon. However make sure your pet’s food is in room temperature before serving. Do not serve cold meals during monsoon especially.
In general you might observe a general reduced appetite, this might not be due to any particular reason at times. It could just be the monsoon setting in.

3) Grooming suggestions during monsoons.

Keep dog dry. This is very very important to keep skin issues at bay, especially fungal infections.

4) Any vaccinations required during monsoons?

No specific vaccinations required. Ensure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and not late on any of the vaccinations. Make sure your dog gets the anti rabies and 9 in 1 vaccine on time every year.

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