The Ideas Behind Thane’s Best Pre Schools

Healthy minds need a strong start. Choosing a pre school for your children is never easy, especially as all schools of thought differ on their philosophy and methodology.

To make it slightly easier for you Thane Folks, we’ve listed down four different types of pre schools available in the locality and their ideas on educating young minds.

Rainbow Preschool

Go informal! Dubbed ‘PlayWay’, children are placed in more social and natural, healthy activities. Teaching young minds through games, sports and a series of hobbies such as gardening, music and puppetry. Each ward is distinctly challenged and imparted knowledge through fun, quirky recreational sessions.

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Branches/Franchises : 17

Bachpan – A Play School 

Self-exploration and realisation is the key to shaping young adults. In order to prepare them for the rigorous challenges in the future, Bachpan focuses on the value of discipline. Inculcating uniforms in their schools, they prefer eliminating differences based on backgrounds and allow each child to develop with a healthy manner and perspective to those around them. They segregate their centres into ‘Concept Rooms’ taking great advantage of excellent, sophisticated infrastructure.

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MyCity4Kids – 4.9 * (

Branches/Franchises – Over 1000

Little Millennium Playschool 

Termed ‘Seven-Petal’, their curriculum has been developed to ensure the holistic development of their wards by following a Sequential Learning pattern of education.  Little Millennium implements a multi-sensory, people-centric integrated approach to early education. There’s an emphasis on collaborative group work for greater social and personal developments of each child.

MyCity4Kids Rating – 4.8 * (

Branches/Franchises : Over 450

Serra International Pre-School

Inspired by research from Harvard, Serra does not follow a on-size-fits-all approach. They propagate a unique, customised Educational rationale called the 8 Point Idea. Encouraging conversational abilities in their wards, they centre their programs and lessons fundamentally around play time. Individual attention is highly prioritised as a Child’s learning development is tracked, mapped and shared with the parents, leading to comprehensive growth and development.

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Branches/Franchises – Over 25

So there you are! Have a look at their websites, reviews and amenities and ponder about your preschool of choice. Encourage, safeguard and propel your child’s future with the ideal school for their personality.

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