Ways To Stop Procrastinating & Achieve Results

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have one thing always mulling in the back of their mind. The completion of tasks that are boring, monotonous or utterly tedious. Here’s how you get rid of them :

Break Them Down

Crack those mammoth dull tasks with a thousand tiny hammers. Divide up your toughest tasks into smaller and easier deliverables and knock them off the to-do list.

The size of the task ahead occasionally play an adverse effect, when people see a huge assignment, they get discouraged to begin it, knowing it will take immense time and effort.

Don’t ever look at any task with that perspective. Gaze steadily and see them for the scalable objectives they are. You just need to divide- and rule!

Do The Opposite

Sometimes we get into a routine. We do the fun tasks first, leaving the boring and monotonous for another time, another day. Don’t let this become your habit while the drab errands and deliverables drag on.
Occasionally, flip the mattress over and complete your disdained duties earlier in the day. Prioritise them occasionally and you’ll find that they don’t mount up as often.

Calm The Nerves

Most Entrepreneurs always feel at the end of their rope, especially in the early days. The doubts assail them, making every moment hyper charged, leading to terrible outbreaks of worry.
Thinking even the smallest mistakes or imperfections will destroy your fledgling company leads to indecision. And that’s the worst crime of all. Stop pondering over the decision as a hundred different scenarios run through your head. Evaluate, Judge and Decide calmly.

Focus is the Key

Sounds simple, yes?
Then log out of all social media accounts while working. Keep your phone on silent and other tabs closed. Ensure in every way that your task is done before you move on to anything else. 

Time Management 

Sorry, but when you keep saying ‘I only slept two hours last night’, you’re not telling anyone you’re a smart worker. You’re just displaying your disdain for time management.

As a business owner, you’re always going to have work to get done. It doesn’t mean your day is chaotic, distracted constantly by new equally urgent and pressing tasks. Nope; use your to-do list to schedule every day before it happens. Know the calls to make instead of staring at your excel sheet. Let nothing to chance during the day, barring an emergency. Otherwise, have the week planned out.

Hit The Day Early. 

Contrary to how your body may feel, dawn is the most productive part of the day for our brains. The sheer lack of distractions at an early time help us focus while the absence of people is another boon to just getting the work done.

Famous CEO’s, from Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi to Richard Branson, wake up at an average of 5 AM, utilising their time to get a head start on most of the world.

Wake up earlier. Your body will cry for sleep. Of course it will. But your mind has to overcome it with the dedication required for success.

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