A New Game Of Thrones Tarot Card Deck Is Here!

Obsessed with Game of Thrones? Well, here’s a way to take it to the next level of fandom.

Predict the future, the path ahead or even the next season (if there is a prequel) with this new Game of Thrones Tarot Card Deck. The Tarot Deck was revealed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and it has already won accolades for it’s design, artistry and connection to the fantasy world of Westeros.

game of thrones tarot deck cover by chronicle books

For the uninitiated, Tarot Cards are specialised decks of 78 cards comprising of 22 major characters and 56 minor ones. The major characters are called ‘Arcanas’ and are the pivot around which the other cards are read. Cards can be laid down in particular patterns and read in the methodology inherent in that pattern to derive an answer to the question asked.

From the look of the box, Bran is The Hermit, Cersei is the Queen of Swords, and Khaleesi is The Empress.

Who else can be the Queen of Swords but Cersei Lannister? Some of the other cards have been revealed, portraying Jon Snow as The Emperor (Khaleesi as Empress also, hmmm?) and fan favourite Arya Stark as the card of DEATH!

game of thrones tarot deck card box from chronicle books


The deck’s creator, Liz Dean, says the HBO show is the perfect fit for a tarot deck. She says,

Archetypes are the foundation of every great tale—and Game of Thrones is an outstanding story, a rich weave… From the icy landscapes beyond the Wall to the hot deserts of Dorne, the world of Game of Thrones is replete with symbolism: an abundant source for a new tarot deck. 

It will be available towards the end of this year. We can’t wait!!!

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