When Toys and Love Mix!

While Technology will undoubtedly play a huge role in our children’s lives, it should be noted that there are drawbacks. Kids with more interest in their phones, tablets and electronic toys will remain stuck in them, leading to early consumerist behaviour. The constant need to be entertained and imagination being provided for them, and not by them, will be eventually detrimental to their future.

It wouldn’t hurt to go a little old-school. Let your child develop their own creative thought process, giving  free rein to their subconscious and originality. Children gain self-confidence as they play with toys and create their own worlds and characters.


At Handmade Love, you can get beautiful, knitted, natural, organic toys for children all by hand. An initiative started by The Reading Tree School in Thane, Head of the school Sapna Chouhan explained that, “apart from the fact that hand made toys are extremely good for children of the age of 0-7 years, our strength is the women we empower who work day in and day out for making handmade toys with love and care.’

At Handmade Love you will find variety of toys for the age of 0-7 years children. From soft toys like stuffed animals & detailed dolls they also make wooden blocks, stringing beads, tree maze amidst a variety of others which are extremely helpful for a child’s development. New toys and designs are being planned by Handmade Love.

So if you are looking for new toys for your child which aren’t technical or mechanical but are handmade with affection and purpose, give these chaps a call or send them a message at the contact details below.

Contact: 022-25307639

Insta – https://www.instagram.com/welovehandmadelove/

Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/WeLoveHandmadeLove/

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