Where Do You Go In Koregaon Park?

If you’ve ever been to Koregaon Park, Pune, you’ll know you’ve stumbled into heaven.

Beautiful houses, lush greenery and the cosmopolitan culture make for a great ambience for folks of all tastes. So what’s the one thing you need to truly enjoy this made-in-Pune paradise?

That’s right. Alcohol (& Food, but that’s an afterthought).
Here are some places you should definitely try out next time you’re about KP :

1. Sassy Spoon 

A chilled vibe permeates the entire establishment, making it ideal for a good conversation, some stiff drinks and delicious food. Quirky cuisine (most of the dishes are original preparations!), appealing ambience and upbeat, fun music make it a regular haunt for it’s patrons, who are of all ages and inclinations. The costs are reasonable and the service stupendous. Special mention to Nilesh, the manager who often pipes in with helpful recommendations and witty banter!


Try the  : Sri Lankan Spiced Chicken (Non -Veg) and Crunchy Cottage Cheese (Veg)

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1500/- (With Alcohol)


2. Boteco 

A Pune Original with a recently opened Bombay branch, this unique establishment combines your weekly sit-down with some exquisite Brazilian cuisine. The diversity of the cuisine on show is simple mind-boggling and you’ll feel hard pressed to choose your dinner here from the mouthwatering options. If you’re ever confused, don’t hesitate to ask the staff, as they’re always full of helpful advice. The head chef, Gutho (I think that’s how it’s spelt) is full of witty, charming conversation and peerless knowledge on all things Foodie. They have an unlimited Sunday Grill that is absolutely phenomenal along with various specials running every day.


Try the  : Any and All of their Speciality Grills

Cost for 2 : Rs. 2000/- (With Alcohol)


3. Kargo

A little different, a lot original. Kargo comes across as a nice, chilled place with a conversational vibe to it’s entire ambience. More suited for the families who would prefer a setting conducive to talk without loud, blaring music, Kargo outdoes itself on it’s food. Their crisp, fried Button Mushrooms is a delight and their Mutton Seekh is perfectly made, melting in your mouth while you sigh in appreciation. The music is genre-fluid, shifting between the 90’s to classic rock.

Try the  : Mediterranean Spiced Cottage Cheese Tikka (Veg) and Prawns Mustard Chilli (Non-Veg)

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1200/- (With Alcohol)

4. Murphies

A little more cozy and established for the date-dinners and the chill time with friends, Murphies exudes comfort. With a quaint outside seating area and mellow music flowing, this is the spot to either watch a game, catch up with an old friend or spend a relaxing evening with your partner. It’s also a great place to get upto speed on your work, with brisk wifi and spots to seclude yourself and get into the zone.

Try the  : Broccoli and Mushroom Steak (Veg) andRosemary braised lamb and Murphie’s steak. (Non-Veg)

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1300/- (With Alcohol)


5. Effingut Brewerkz

For the hardcore party folks, here’s where you need to go for a night of constantly moving about, frenzied dancing and stumbling conversations. With original draughts of beer and various theme nights, there’s always something happening at Effingut Brewerkz. Game nights are a great experience for those with a taste for combining Live broadcasts with their favourite bar and the atmosphere could be electric. The music is diverse and loud, leading you to like it regardless of whether you did in the first place.

Try the  : Beers! Many, many types fill your stomach up just as good as food!

Cost for 2 : 1800/- (With Alcohol)



So next time you find yourself in Koregaon Park, look around and take a deep breath. With the cleanliness, the sweet air, the restaurants and the various firangs will make you forget, briefly, that you’re still in India.

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