A Chocolate Fiesta!

For those Thaneites who love the delicious, sinful taste of chocolate, today could not come too soon.

While there are special days for all the major loves of our lives, be it Fathers, Mothers, Significant Others are so on, an important obsession for many of us does not go unnoticed.

The beauty of Chocolate has been as old as man himself, ever since he discovered the mouth-watering taste of Cacao seeds. There’s even evidence that Chocolate has been around for three millennia.  Well, considering we’re chocolate lovers ourselves, we kind of understand.

Today, the 7th of July is World Chocolate Day where we, as the human race, celebrate our love of chocolate. Cakes are baked, cookies are distributed and chocolate is gorged in excess today as we greedily indulge ourselves.


For you Choco-loving Thaneites, the Byke Suraj Plaza has a special treat in store. A chocolate Thali with a dozen different chocolate preparations awaits you all with quirky inventions and original preparations. A Chocolate Samosa? Yeah, that’s on the menu. A Chocolate Gulab Jamun? Well, coming up next!

Munch away greedily as you did as a child once upon a time. Feel the warm chocolate drip down your throat while you sigh in pleasure.

A day of celebration is upon us. Let’s do it right!

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