The Home Expo is in Town!

If we look around our home, we always know that there are additions or modifications we’d like to do. But the time? The money? The effort? Oof! It’s all too much.

This weekend, Thane has a treat for all of us AND our homes. An exposition featuring everything from interior decorations to furniture to home paints to sound systems is here this weekend and we urge everyone in Thane to take advantage of it.

Stop by and have a look through all things A-Z concerning your home. With a dozen food trucks around, we can grab a meal while we stroll through the expos, deciding what we’d like to integrate into our homes. Like that home theatre system? Pick it up! How about those Bed Linens? Well, why not?


For the lovers of great sound, visit the Audio Shop stall at the expo and get a run-through of all the possibilities in your home. From nearly invisible speakers to wall speakers, home theatre systems to sound bars, there’s always a way to make that movie sound better. Want to make the stadium feel come alive while you watch India? Well, it’s upto us to make it happen. The Audio Shop has excellent individual units, amazingly personalised sound systems and premier quality products across all categories.

The Expo hasn’t forgotten about the pet-parents either. We need the complete family to feel at ‘home’ and a pet store at the exposition rounds it up pretty well.


This weekend, spend your Saturday and/or Sunday evenings at Hiranandani Estate for the Home Fiesta Exposition. Walk about, dream or act upon your innermost household wishes as you much away at some delicious food and your mind boggles at the sights.

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