When The Sound Just Isn’t Enough!

If you’ve bought a Television home sometime in the past few years, you’ve definitely been offered a soundbar. These slim, sleek speakers can be placed around the Television and produce a comparatively clearer and well defined acoustic effect. With the decreasing sizes of Televisions, receiving a powerful, coherent sound environment is hardly possible. That potential home movie is now ruined by a lack of relatable ambience.

But do these Soundbars help? Are they worth the investment?

The What?

So, a soundbar, also called a speakerbar, is a conventionally thin, precise and short (vertically) speaker with multiple drivers. Capable of being placed in a number of positions around the Television, they amplify the TV audio to a more audible, crisp definition. That old Bond movie you decided to watch will make Sean Connery bring his Scottish ‘Burr’ into your living room.

But don’t TVs sound OK?

Well, nope. Now that our demand for smaller products have increased tenfold, phones, computers and Televisions have felt the pinch. The Televisions have all progressed to the flat-screen models, rendering speakers puny and tiny in comparison to our need.

What do I mean by sound quality? Well, because the speakers are minimally designed, they’re not capable of accurately rendering deep, low, bass sounds clearly. Because they’re placed at the sides of the Television, they’re not able to accurately create high-pitched treble sounds. So the effects are either muffled, or shrill. Not a fun combination.

I know our TV’s don’t sound THAT bad. But I’ve had to rewind many times for movies (Especially those horror flicks where whispering is constant) to listen to the dialogues again. It’s quite irritating especially when the dramatic value is slightly lost due to the reviewing.

For Family Movie nights, the theatre atmosphere must be re-created in our living rooms. It’s the only way 3-4 arguing, loudly talking family members can hear a movie uninterruptedly.

The Good

At the very least, soundbars point their drivers towards you. That’s a big step up over TV audio. Most decent soundbars also have separate tweeters and woofers, which handle the high and low sounds respectively.

There are two main types of soundbars: active and passive. In addition, almost every soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer. This box can be placed anywhere in the room and rumble the low sounds that you’d hear in a theater.

Price wise, there are expensive as well as inexpensive versions of both passive and active soundbars. There are good and bad ones of each, too. So choose carefully. Consult a local expert like the Audio Shop Mumbai – Home Theatre Store. Located near Teen Hath Naka Flyover in Vishnu Nagar, the store contains Audio experts who optimise and recommend the sound quality based on your specific acoustic requirements. You can also call them at 022 6793 6464!

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