For The Perfect Millennial Vacation

Family or Group holidays are always a blast. There’s long drives, late night conversation over bottles of alcohol and the picturesque beauty of your vacation spot. However, they need to be done right.


So what’s the first thing to take care of?  That’s right. The Accommodation. You got to know where you’re staying before planning out the rest of it.

There are many hotels, motels, lodges, shacks and air bnb’s to check out in Maharashtra. However, if you and your friends or family want a more private and luxurious accommodation without sharing it with pesky tourists or fellow travellers, book a villa. Enjoy your holiday in the manner, the desire YOU wish without worrying about a thing.


Party away with your own idea of fun independent of any timings or schedules. Sit up all night with your friends in the pool and chill on the terrace to watch the early morning sunrise.


Plan your family fun trip with a visit to a rich, spacious villa where your kids will have all the space they need to be free. Take your precious cat/dog along, for these villas are pet-friendly and your ENTIRE family can then go on a holiday.

Give a lookout and give them a call at +91 96196 51676 or +91 99675 31201 and get the best rates/discounts/offers on their villas/bungalows!

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