Why Should We All Go Digital?

What’s our first activity in the morning as soon as we wake up?

The most common one today would be checking your mobile phone. Maybe emails, maybe social media or perhaps your text messages. The subconscious objective of your brain as soon as you wake up is to get connected. 

Business today is at a crossroads, with one broad avenue reserved for those who wish to proceed tepidly, at their own pace; And a narrow lane, where the traffic is constant and the battle noise jarring. While the former sounds more appealing by far, it’s a road with no purpose.

Being digital is more than just an added advantage for your business today. It’s the primary interface between you and millions of your customers, the virtual shop window where the connected can peer in and evaluate your products and services. With the rise of mobile connectivity and internet access, no business in the world is first judged, analysed and scrutinised online before any personal interaction.

At it’s peak, Polaroid, which became synonymous with Instant photographs, sold 14 Million units in 1978. They were the market leaders, yet they made a common error; they assumed that the past would be the future, and consequently, paid no attention neither to the decline of consumer photography nor to the increasing popularity of mass storage devices. They declared bankruptcy in 2001.

On the other side of the coin lay Citicorp. A banking institution with an established, conventional manner of working since 1812, they were the first Bank to issue their customers with the First National City Charge Service Credit Card – which went on to just be referred to as the ‘Mastercard’. Over the next 14 years, they became the largest banking institution in America and the leading provider of the now omnipresent Credit Card.

Just as the Dot com boom proved in the 90’s, trends are to be capitalised on rather than resisted. The tendency to assume that what worked yesterday will continue to work tomorrow is no surer way to kill a business, even if it may not happen in the immediate future.

Connectivity is the game now. Being constantly available to a plethora of customers, through the correct and astute usage of the digital environment is pivotal for any – wait, every, business today. Holding on to comfort zones for the sake of pride, or worse, complacency is death to what your children could inherit one day.

Join in the noisy road. Through people and competition comes profit. Through isolation, only death.


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