In order to stay productive, sharp and happy working from home, you’ll need to introduce some   rules and routines.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

This is only the beginning and it’s a non-negotiable one. Get a desk, a chair and keep a separate workstation at home. Place it wherever you’d like as long as there’s a clear demarcation between your ‘chill zone’ and the ‘office’.
Get creative with it, be it in the balcony, hall or even on another bed (NEVER the one you sleep in!). But ensure that it is clear, organised and uncluttered. You don’t want to be looking for a pen and book in the kitchen when you need it the most.

Take a Lunch Break

Life in an office has rituals. Lunch is one of them. Either the office gang goes in on it together, or there’s interest over somebody’s lunch, but it becomes a thing. If you’re working solo, there’s every chance you may forget lunch altogether. Never a good idea to have a heavy lunch (When there’s a bed near by!) but skipping lunch must certainly be avoided.


Put Some Clothes On

We’re not saying you pull on the Power Suit and cufflinks; But put some effort into it. Don’t ever work in the clothes you sleep in and realise that clothes determine productivity. Keep your comfort in mind, but get some limitations on what’s okay on a daily basis. Me? I sit in workout tracksuits all day long at times and a formal attire at others. As long as it doesn’t make you feel lazy.

Find Your Work Rituals

You walk into office, have a coffee, sit idly on social media for a while. Then you begin. Rituals are important and working at home may make you forget them. It could get unorganised with many things demanding your attention. After all, it’s now all YOUR Electricity & YOUR Office, so to speak. Focus is difficult, yet imperative.

So monitor rituals everyday. Have a short coffee/tea session, schedule an evening walk and include a workout session either before or after work. The balance is maintained by different rituals everyday without letting the day’s activities slip out of your control.



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