Rating : 4/5

Sachin A Billion Dreams: For a fan nothing is better than an opportunity to see his Idol in live action.
The next best opportunity is to see a biopic of his idol. For me this movie or a self-narrated documentary, was that opportunity which I could not missed. The upcoming 160 minutes are spent in knowing the personal details of his life, what he himself thinks about the situations of his life, those precious moments which we are made preview to, the happy times, those sad moments, those moments of pride, its emotions galore of 160 minutes. And yes the evergreen chants of Sachin..Sachin..Sachin..Sachin (it still gives me that adrenaline rush).

The film kicks off with the visuals of Sachin holding the little new born Sara and his sweet confession that he is as scared as a new father to hold his daughter in his hands. From there the movie than moves on to show the childhood of Sachin, his naughtiness, the start of his coaching under Acharekar Sir, his first match, his marriage to Anjali and actual glimpses of his reception, the birth of his son, the tough times in his life, those awesome moments, the days when the match-fixing scandal broke, and yes finally that moment for which he waited for 22 years – the World Cup win for India.

Memory is also refreshed on seeing the young Pranoy Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, that look on Azhars face when the young Sachin is signing autographs, the bytes by Big B, Dhoni, Virat, Kumble, Sehwag, lots of home videos of Sachin and videos of dressing room etc.
This movie by the director James Erskine is a wonderful gift for all his die-hard fans (which includes me also) and you should not miss it. The cinema hall was actually roaring with the chants of Sachin..Sachin..Sachin..Sachin and that still lingers in my ears.
And yes I wiped my tears away on the footage of his last speech at Wankhede Stadium. Go and enjoy the “Sachin” magic.

Review by : Ashish Ponda

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