ThaneLiving’s Top 10 – Best Instrumental Music

Sometimes, we feel like sitting back and hearing a beautiful musical score while we let our imagination run free. The lyrics are unnecessary as we revel in the pure simple joy of uninterrupted, flowing melody. This week, Top 10 features a number of Instrumental songs that you should definitely give a listen!

From the soft and soothing to the dark and intense, these instrumental tracks are worth a

1. Ludovico Einaudi – In another Life 

The Italian is a master of the Grand Piano and takes the audience through a kaleidoscope of emotions with this brilliant performance.

2. Light of the Seven – Game of Thrones OST

Our first GOT entry, but definitely not our last. The tv show is filled with amazing songs from the first season onwards.

3. Gladiator – Now we are Free

Liked the Movie? Of course you did. Could the soundtrack have been any better? Definitely not.

4. Braveheart OST – For you and Me

For the die-hard romantic, Braveheart’s OST has won many awards and nominations, including an Oscar.

5. Zach Hemsey – See What I’ve become

A transformative song with equal parts serene and dramatic. The cruelty meted out to those who live in peace sometimes reap a change of character which is aptly embodied in this track.

6. Winds of Winter – Game of Thrones OST 

Filled with the joy of hope, this song is set at the conclusion of Season 6 with the main theme being the fulfilment of one’s destiny.

7. Requiem for a Dream OST – Clint Mansell

A brilliant soundtrack for a sensational film. The dark nature of drug addiction is phenomenally captured by director Darren Aronofsky with the able and crucial assistance of Clint Mansell for this background score.

8. 28 Days Later – John Murphy

From the mega Zombie Apocalypse franchise, this background track is perfect for the eerie combination of hope and despair on screen.

9. Zach Hemsey – Vengeance

Best background song while you sit and plot. If you’re looking to avenge a slight or an insult, have this running in the background while you write your hands and scheme.



10. 2 Steps From Hell – Moving Mountains

Dramatic, with jarring instruments and a constant rise and fall of the background score.

10. Light of The Seven  – Game of Thrones OST

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