‘A home of Skill’ – A patients’s experience of Currae Hospitals


When it comes to Medical services, we must be doubly cautious as our physical health and life is in question. No rushed decisions there! Take a look at this user review for Currae Hospital in Suraj Water Park, Thane.

‘Skill is an important factor in any profession! I must say Currae hospital, Suraj water park is very much successful to gather such a skilled staff under one roof!

I consider myself and my family very fortunate to have this hospital in Thane, West! Not one of the best, however ‘The BEST’ hospital if compared with other renowned hospitals like Jupiter, Bethany etc.

I was admitted in Currae, Suraj water park in December 2015,  July  2016 and recently in April 2017. First 2 were planned procedure, the recent one was an extreme sudden emergency. Having the confidence on the staffs I and my husband took wise decision going to Currae at late night on March 28.

 Feedback from recent experience:

Met Dr. Bhavna in Casualty – As always she was at her best to understand my pain and treat me accordingly, got admitted. She directed me to Dr Rekha Thote and Dr. Makrant for further treatment/diagnosis

Dr Makrant – Handles and understands patient very well. 

Dr. Rekha Thote – My main treating and lifesaving doctor! I must thank God and Currae/Patni management to have her as a full-time doctor because of which I was redirected to her as I was not registered with any gynac in Currae before. I have met many gynaecologists since last 4 years throughout India, however NEVER EVER found someone like Dr. Rekha. Her skill, patience level, understanding power and realizing patient’s suffering – play very vital role. Her tremendous confidence and explaining skill made huge difference in my mind. My husband was the one accompanying me with the extreme medical trouble I was going through which I was unable to express/explain and nothing was getting diagnosed through Sonography and blood tests. When I met her I felt Dr. Rekha appeared as an messenger from heaven as her one dose medicine gave me extreme relief which did not happen even through heavy pain killer injections I had to take before I met her on March 30. Through IV CT scan something got detected which she explained to us so well and actioned on immediate basis. Not only she spent enough time and spent what went wrong and how to treat that, also assured she can be reached round the clock for any emergence. We knew we have her with us it is just not the RMOs and nurses around. Usually it is noticed many doctors even at Currae – come in room- a speedy checking – hi hello and moving out of room, rarely then spend time worth patient’s need and fees paid!Rarely these days doctors are bothered to talk nicely with patients, They do not prefer reaching out to them directly, but Dr Rekha being extremely busy lady – is always beside her each patient. Even I heard same feedback from few of my knowns which I did not know before. I am blessed to know an expert doctor and wonderful human being like Dr. Rekha – it proves all doctors – patients  relations in life are not based on just money making (which is very common these days) rather caring and curing!

Nurse Teresa: After my surgery on March 31 I was in ICU whole night with lot of pipes inserted in my body followed by lot of pain and discomfort. I have seen many nurses till now, however, sister Teresa created an example to me. She was so skilled and caring that entire night she was all alone in ICU to handle 3 patients at same time (me and 2 labour patients). Even for a second she did not close her eyes or moved out of the room. She was beside me even for saving me from so many mosquitoes as I was just not able to move. She fed new borns, attended patient parties, looked after all 3 of us. She repeatedly told one thing to me “I understand how you are feeling and the discomfort will go soon”. When I was not able to bare with the nose pipe – she sat beside me and changed my lying positions to give me relief so that I could breath well ( I stopped taking oxygen at one point). The way she kept on changing saline bottles and IV injections – have been remarkable. Early morning when mausi was drowned in sleep due to overtime duty – Teresa focused on my body sponging and changing dress! Others will do those just as duty, very fast with a non-smiling face but she did with a smile, care and of fcouse love. Best nurse she is!!!

Nurse Sheetal: She will lead by example like nurse Teresa someday. This is just the beginning of her career and she is a new face to Currae for me. She was extremely caring and efficient too to understand what a patient needs! Just loved her way. She addressed my challenges very well with a smile always! Now I know it is not only Shubhangi sister I have to depend on like I had to do in past. There were very few skilled and caring nurses before, but now the group is really good. 

Sangeeta mausi and Kalpana mausi: Continue to be the top onesJ so friendly, caring and loving they are. The new young mausis definitely need some training from these two mausis as they are not up to the mark/skilled/ or have the mindset to serve accordingly.

I must add a small note about the new dietician and the physiotherapist. They are really better and great! Skill/knowdlege wise + caring nature wise. Dr Amit was also very good. He attended me in ICU during extreme crisis and the tips provided by him gave me great relief. He was not frustrated with the situation. Kayan is also an excellent guy who does very timely follow-up for documents and TPA. We really faced lot of challenges with TPA procedure with others in past. Offcourse there are new nurses who really need to know what is courtesy and how they should behave with patients and with their family members ( unfortunately I don’t recall the name of my discharge nurse too who was very rude but I remember she is a fair female).

I think the overall management is changed now and they are really looking after better operation. There are people who work just to complete duty hours and get paid, however, people like above do more than duty and possess love and care! Please little attention towards your reception staffs who do not communicate on time!

Good luck and thank you, Patni GroupJ



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