Is green tea actually as healthy as it is said to be?

For the longest time, scientists and researchers have speculated that having several cups of green tea in a day is the stairway to a slim body. However, here’s a slight reality check that all you green tea lovers really need: Yes, the caffeine and the epigallocatechin gallate in the tea act together to increase fat oxidation (fat burning), but in the long run, the weight reduction is negligibly modest. So sorry to burst your bubble, but it is no magic pill for weight loss.
On the contrary, consuming green tea, or should we say excess of it (more than 3-5 cups a day) can have several negative effects on your health. Such as:

The One Kind of Loss It Definitely Leads to is–Water Loss
It is a known fact that green tea is a natural diuretic and helps in removing excess water from the body. While it’s moderate consumption can help avoid bloating, going overboard can leave you dehydrated.

When It Comes To Drinking Green Tea, You Can’t Be Your Own Master

Just because one fine day, you suddenly found the motivation to lose weight and heard about the apparent magical weight loss powers of the green tea, it really doesn’t mean that you can include this drink in your daily routine.
If you’re on some kind of medication, you’ve got to know that green tea can mess up the way those chemically-laden drugs work and harm your health. So, no way in hell should you start consuming it without prior consultation with your physician, especially if you’re suffering from any medical condition.

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