How to start a new employee on the right foot!

Every Employer feels the pressure of making a hire successfully integrate into their company. Well, here are some useful tips on how you can get someone to fit in at your organization with ease. 

1. No detail is too small

Make the newbie do the small stuff perfectly. Make it a point to cover them as they go about their daily tasks and show them the ropes. How to use the photocopier, where to get a quick lunch, how to refill the coffee maker. Make them feel from the smallest most trivial detail that they belong in your company

2. Pair-off.

Assign a mentor. Regardless of the position of your new hire, pair them up with another employee who can train them in a subtle and lasting manner.

3. Make a lunch plan.

If possible, have the new hire join a team lunch. If not, ask an existing employee to take them out to lunch and lend them a ear.

4. Get ’em stuck in.

Send everyone into the field for one day at least during their first week. No one is above getting their hands dirty, and if they return complaining, they probably aren’t a good fit. Talking to actual customers makes them truly understand the needs of your business and thereby make them more valuable. Break that barrier asap. 

5. Prompt Initiation 

Have a virtual, fun introductory process. Either ask the new hire to send a mail with some basic information and a fun fact or trivia about themselves out to the whole company. It helps break down the ice and provides your whole team with an insight into their new colleague. 

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