A little help for stray animals this summer.

The summer sun is scorching and the heat is becoming unbearable each day and it is only going to increase as days go by. While we have the luxury to travel in AC cars, drink cold water whenever we want to quench our thirst and beat the heat, our little friends, the stray dogs and birds do not. All of us need to be sympathetic and thoughtful about these furry animals who play an important role in keeping our mother earth in balance. Let us all take out that little time from our schedule and do small bits to help these dogs and birds.

So here are a few tips to keep the animals safe this summer!

  1. Make sure to keep water bowls for your building stray friends and bird feeders for birds on your window. Birds get very tired after hunting for food and nesting material and sometimes get dehydrated. All they need is a bit of water at times to get back their energy and fly back. If you do keep a water bowl, please keep it clean and refill it every day for the animals.


  1. Try and create shelters for the dogs and birds. If a stray animal / bird is taking refuge in the shade in your building or flat premises, do not shoo them away. They probably need the rest and shelter from the scorching sun. Also, when you start your cars, make sure to check under them before starting and driving off. Many a times animals take shelter under cars during summer.

  1. Observe your neighbourhood animals and make sure they are not severely dehydrated or affected by a heat stroke. If they are not eating well or if they look sick, make sure to call a local Animal welfare group or NGO or take the animal to a vet and treat it.

  1. Ticks and flea appear excessively on animals now as the temperature of the animal itself is high and this is a good environment for ticks and flea to breed and increase in number on the body. If you can’t give them a bath, apply some natural repellents such as few drops of eucalyptus oil or medicines on them after consulting a vet to help them get rid of this flea and tick issue.

A little thoughtfulness and help may save the lives of some of these animals. If you need more info on how to help animals during summers, feel free to call PAL on 9324699829

PAL (Pet Owners and Animal Lovers Foundation) is an NGO which works for a better future for animals in Thane city area. We aim to help animals by educating and empowering people with the right kind of information which enables them to handle animal related issues.

Aditi Nair – Chairperson – Pet Owners and Animal Lovers Foundation





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