A Pioneer amongst Us – Meet Dr. Ashish Arbat.

To be amongst the most learned, experienced surgeons in the World must take a lot of work. For such a quantity of practical and theoretical brilliance is only achieved with dedication and skill. Dr. Ashish Arbat began his journey to becoming a world-renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon from Mumbai at the turn of the century. 

He pursued further academic achievements at the Royal College of Surgeons and Princeton, amassing a reputation for diligence and excellence as his laurels grew. Since then, he was worked with the Government of Scotland, the Medical Communities of England, Oman, Dubai and Germany to expand his horizons and depth of knowledge. Dr. Arbat further broke free of comfort zones, working with the highly esteemed Dr. David Rowley, a pioneer in the field of Total Knee Replacement.

Over the past decade, Dr. Arbat has successfully assisted in over 3000 operations, belonging to prestigious associations such as the Indo American Arthroscopy Association and the Organising Secretary of the Indian Arthroscopy Academy. He is also a valued member of many acclaimed Faculties, including the Bombay Orthopedic Society and Johnson and Johnson National Faculty working with some of the premier Athletes and other celebrities across the world.

A member of the skilled and proficient team at Currae Hospitals, his experise is a boon to the citizens of Thane who look to ail their aching joints and knees with an accomplished, renowned specialist. In addition, Currae hospitals now possess a sports injury and orthopaedic department for any athletic strain or injury.

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