Badrinath Ki Dulhania – Movie Review by Ashish Ponda

Badrinath Ki Dulhania – When you go into a cinema hall, what you expect is a movie which will entertain you, which will make you laugh, cry, sad, happy etc. but the basic premise is that you should be entertained. Well BKD is one of those movies which packs up all the emotions in the 2 hr 20 mns of its running time and also has a strong underlying social message.

Badri (Varun) lives in the city of Jhansi along with a strict and feudal father, a silent and quite mother, a brother who had to sacrifice his love and had to marry a girl of his father’s choice and a Bhabhi who is educated but stuck up at home because of her father-in-law. Varun’s entry scene where he tries to have that perfect smile as desired by his photographer is hilarious and is greeted with claps from the audience.

Take 2 – Badri meets Vaidehi (Alia Bhatt) at a wedding and falls for her and woos her to marry him. But Vaidehi is more inclined towards making up a good career & is not at all interested in 10th pass Badri, but he continues to woo her to marry him. The next few hours of the movie you will witness a lot of drama, comedy, tragedy (Hmm not exactly).

So what will happen in the end? Will they meet & marry, Will Badri’s father agree, what happens to Vaidehi – will she sacrifice her ambitions and career to settle down with Badri? For all the answers you need to watch the movie.

The first half of the movie is evenly paced (becomes a boring at times) and but the second half is better and leads very nicely towards the climax. As I always say the turning point of the movie comes almost at the interval and leaves you surprised. The movie has lots of hilarious scenes, but what strikes me immediately is a scene where Badri who is in Singapore gets saved by Vaidehi from being molested. It’s so hilarious that I am in splits even now. There are many scenes in the movie where the audience was literally in splits and clapping.

BKD sends out a strong message against the dowry system and makes a strong case for women to have her rights to choose career over marriage.

Varun Dhawan is a complete entertaining package. He is the “Govinda” whom I have always admired. His comic timing is terrific and his acting is very good. He is a complete masala package. On the other hand Alia Bhatt is terrific in the movie and has essayed her role superbly. She has progressed a lot over the years and that is evident in so many scenes in the movie. Together Varun & Alia are a treat to watch.

The films support cast is good and I liked particularly Sahil Vaid who plays the character of Somdev who is Badri’s best friend. The story line is good but the script is weak at some time. The songs are decent, but the remixed Tamma Tamma is foot tapping and very good. Even the title song is hummable. Direction by Shashank Khaitan is good.

Remember the times when you have that Misal Pav or Pav Bhaaji, its spicy and burning on the tongue, but you still want more of it as you love the taste of it.

BKD is that for me – A complete family Bollywood entertainer!! Enjoy your Holi weekend with BKD.

Review by : Ashish Ponda

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