Ways To Deal With Someone Who Is Going Through Unemployment Stress

If you’re lucky enough to have avoided unemployment, you’re luckier than the almost 17.8 million people in India currently looking for work. But maybe your friends haven’t fared as well. When someone is jobless it is not easy for them to stay positive all the time because the person goes through a lot of uncertainty which can certainly wreck their mental peace. If you know someone who has lost his/her job recently or is unemployed for long, here’s how you can help them.

Listen to them patiently

Most of us love to give “gyaan” and not listen to the other person. Please don’t do that! Just be there for them and simply listen without waiting to talk.

Call them over to your place

Even if they have money in the bank there is no harm in being a little generous and call them for dinners and lunches. This will give them a feeling that someone is there for them.

Exercise with them

Encourage them to do some activities because it is easier to cope with the situation when you feel good physically and mentally.

Make sure that they get enough sunlight

It is scientifically proven that a good dose of sunlight can improve the mood and also helps get better sleep. If possible encourage your friend to get out of house for a walk when the sun is all bright and shining. 

Don’t judge them

You have to understand that their life is different now and it is not easy for them to go through this phase of uncertainty. 

Acknowledge their feelings

They might not like to talk about it or open up easily, try and share your story when you felt uncertain about life and how you fought it. 

Don’t be sad and sullen around the person

Humor can help anyone cope with a difficult situation! Help them to take things less seriously in this phase of life. This is not the end of life there is still a lot to enjoy in life!

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