Inspirational quotes by Virat Kohli!

Virat Kohli has become an icon to the Indian masses unseen since the Mid 90’s of Sachin Tendulkar. Poster boy of Cricket, he has achieved numerous plaudits and distinctions since his debut in 2007.

In the 2013 World Cup, he played in all of India’s games and contributed to an 83-run partnership with Gambhiri in the Final against Sri Lanka, regarded as the turning point of the final. 

He became the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team in both ODI and Test Matches, has scored the fastest century by any Indian cricketer and holds numerous Indian batting records across all formats of the game.

To continuously be driven and motivated requires a disciplined power of will combined with the dreams many would fear to even ponder. Here are some thoughts that have emanated from the persistent, determined mind of Virat Kohli. 







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