7 Reasons to Choose Rainbow International School Thane

7 Reasons to Choose Rainbow International School Thane

Education has never been about just mugging up the textbooks. Today, parents are inclined to give their children an education that provides an all-round development. If you are a parent, your search has come to an end with Rainbow International School (RIS). It is one of the CBSE schools in Thane, which contains all types of resources to give your child the best learning experience.

Rainbow International School includes learning enhanced with extracurricular activities, games, medical necessities, and world-class experience, all of which can be availed in one place. Consider reading the below post to understand what other adventures Rainbow International School has in store for its students.

1. School Bus for Daily to-and-fro

Children are always full of verve, and Rainbow International School loves to keep them energized throughout the day. That’s why this CBSE School in Thane has its own fleet of buses that assists kids in their daily journey to school and back home. The buses run on a routine, and would never be a reason for your child to reach late at school. Each bus is esteemed with trained driver, a lady attendant, and a marshal to look after students’ safety. It is made sure that every student returns home safely and in time.

2. Air-conditioned classrooms go digital

Once the students are in school premises, they receive complete facilities right from air-conditioned classrooms, smart boards, and E-learning tools to their own system individual lockers (to place their bags). Though we undertake traditional learning principles, Rainbow International School also strives to gel in with updated educational tools available today, and bring it all under one roof. We extend the safety of children with professional security personnel, each equipped with a Walky-Talky, so kids are in safe hands, and parents need not worry.

3. Well-stocked Library and Reading Room

Your child gets all the books and materials for his/her education from us. No need to spend additional bucks on buying books or tire-out finding reference texts from elsewhere. We have a library that houses multitude of textbooks, periodicals, reference books, magazines, fiction novels, and a lot more. There is even a dedicated reading room, which students can benefit from by indulging in regular reading habits.



4. Recreational Chores and Entertainment

Giving importance to physical health, we maintain an all-weather football turf ground, basket ball court, volley ball court, cricket field amongst others. Rainbow International CBSE School in Thane is where students can even enjoy and learn horse riding, which assists in relaxing and exercising muscles, not to mention a large swimming pool where children can take a dip, cool their nerves, and hone their competitive skills.



5. High-end Healthcare Services

When students are in school, they are our responsibility. We have arranged a special room that caters necessary medical facilities to take care of children’s health needs. There are two beds readied for your kid’s comfort when he/she is feeling unwell, and a trained nurse with attendant to look after your child.



6. Safe and Equipped Laboratories

Rainbow International School has earned many laurels for being an organized educational institute, which also imparts practical knowledge to its students through on-hand experience and learning within laboratories devoted to mathematics, science, computer and social science. This is why we are one of the best CBSE schools in Thane till date.



7. Fun-filled extracurricular activities

We always host activities that shape students on the whole. For which, we have a music room to teach children both Indian and Western music. Students get to use and practice on varied musical instruments and are promptly guided by professionals. There are indoor games to play, such as Chess, Carom and a lot more. Rainbow International School has also introduced a vegetable garden that acquaints students to rural life and aids them in social growth.


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