Sparrows are important for the Eco-system.

Sparrows are slowly being wiped out as our malls and sleek apartment buildings come up in a ‘Shining’ India Sparrows are as important to our ecology system as tigers, as Chinese Communist dictator and sparrow mass murderer Mao Zedong foolishly found out and it is time we were worried.

” Save the Sparrows”* initiative in lieu of the oncoming “World Sparrow Day” due on 20th March 2017, was recently undertaken by Neelkanth Heights Complex Residents along with Laxminarayan Society with the main driving force of Thane Citizens Foundation as an inspiration.

1) 40+ Bird Feeders with sparrow friendly bajra grains were installed at various locations which will attract Sparrows.

2) More than 35 children participated in this Noble Drive Campaign.

3) All these Children were sensitised on why this Drive is being conducted & it’s impact on Ecology Balance.

4) Sparrow friendly *resting & nesting* Plantation of *Bamboos* is available in abundance in Neelkanth Heights Complex which was an advantage to further inspire this Campaign.

5) Lastly, such activities bring in all Children & their families together to be a part of understanding the Nature’s need for preserving the almost extinct Sparrows.

Article credits: Mr. Umesh Shetty – Neelkant Height complex.

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